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Venue Coordinator VS Wedding Coordinator: There IS a difference! A question couples ask when planning a wedding is “my venue has a Wedding Coordinator, do I really need to hire you as my Wedding Planner and Coordinator too?” My answer is a big fat YES. Why? Well to put it quite bluntly. A Venue Coordinator […]

Venue Coordinator VS Wedding Coordinator: There IS a difference!

Wedding Planning Tips

Put simply. An elopement is when you and your partner say your ‘I do’s’ with zero guests. But an elopement can be so much more! In my opinion. An elopement is more than you running away from your family and friends to tie the knot. It’s about bringing your wedding day back to what it’s […]

What is an elopement? And is it easy to plan one?

Wedding Planning Tips

Meet Becca and Nick. Their challenge: Teeing up all their vendors and a dedicated person to coordinate their wedding day. Their goal: A memorable, stress-free day with a killer dance floor. After a chilled zoom chat with me, they were quick to lock in my coordinate package where I took the reins in all their […]

How Becca & Nick went from wedding overwhelm to wedding day bliss

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