I’m here to make sure your day includes all the stuff you love, is as original as you two, and goes off without a hitch (well, except yours!).

Consider me head of ‘smooth sailing’. Like the Park Ranger who knows Yogi could be lurking in the shadows ready to steal our picnic baskets at any moment… In the lead-up to your wedding, right up until your ‘I do’s, I’m ready to act (and always bring snacks). Pop the champers, lovers. This is about to get fun!

The dedicated de-stresser, spreadsheet-obsesser and dress-floofer for fun-seeking couples like you dreaming of
a ‘should-free’ wedding.

Helloooo lovers!
I'm Melanie James. 

Mellyrain is your go-to for all things weddings


Naturally, you began Googling. Reading reviews about vendors. Enquiring. Asking your partner for their thoughts. Making lists. *Takes breath* Following countless Instagram accounts. Scrolling for what felt like years. And now your inbox is exploding with questions from vendors. But you don’t have the answers. So, you’re left elbow-deep in a tub of Ben & Jerry’s just to numb the stress.

So, somewhere along the way, you found me. Welcome! I am your go-to for all things weddings here to simplify things and add a tonne of fun to your day. So you can moonwalk out of stressville and back into that love bubble, while I plan or coordinate (or both!) your wedding.

You’re engaged!
*Throws confetti* 

Firstly, I want all the juicy deets. Secondly, stay floatin’ around in that love bubble longer (you two look so cute in there!).

Let me guess. You started to plan your wedding. “It’ll be easy!” You said. “Cheaper too, right?” Spooning the froth off your cappuccino. “Stacey planned hers. How hard can it be?” Swiftly daydreaming of your dream day, shimmying into THAT getup and watching the sun melt into a hazy horizon with your love.


Save time.

Have some freakin’ fun.

Save money (not kidding).

Oh, and also:

Here’s how to create your perfect wedding experience… with all your quirks, big ideas & significant love story details brought to life.

Replace stress & overwhelm
with excitement & love. #CUTE

It’s time to

Planning a wedding will be easy! It’s
just like planning a big party –
we love parties!”

Famous last words:

Melanie James is your go-to for all things weddings

Replace confusion, budget freak-outs and anxiety with happy dances, certainty and heart-eyes. Here comes your picturesque dream day with a sweet lead-up that feels less hot mess, and more hot damn!

Chill. Signature to you. Should-free.

Spoiler: planning your own wedding gets stressful – fast

Consider Mellyrain your happily ever after!

I do all the ‘boring stuff’, while you two have fun! A ‘your way’ wedding awaits.

Wanna see how I help?

Hey, lovers! If you say, “let’s plan a girls’ trip!” – I’m that person who returns 10 mins later with a full itinerary and bookings secured in secret places.

I’m also your go-to for all things weddings who helps fun-seeking couples like you bring your rule-breaking dream day to life, so it doesn’t become a second full-time job. #nothanks!

It’s true, I’m a sucker for luxe countryside weddings. There’s something magical about getting hitched hillside. Signing certificates at sunset. Swooning under the stars in regional Victoria… but I'm a sucker for all wedding in Melbourne and across Regional Victoria!

My love story with weddings began in 2017. My bro was planning his wedding on our Shepparton family property. Buuut he had no idea how to turn vision into reality. Not to mention planning, coordinating and putting it all together on the day. He just wanted to sip mid-morning whiskey on the rocks with friends instead! So I took the reins.

Melanie James – Mellyrain Founder & Head Honcho

Today, my speciality is helping couples across Melbourne & Regional Victoria wed where it’s (extra) pretty!

You enjoy the process, have fun on the day & can dance the night away with your fave peeps, living in the moment the whole time.

I plan & coordinate weddings so:

Fun-seeking couples like you dreaming of a rule-breaking wedding that’s so personalised it’d never exist without you. 

I plan weddings for:

Sir Paul McCartney
The Australian Open
Peeps I’m sworn to secrecy on (srsly)

I’ve planned events for:

Short & Sweets

super speedy replies
love affair with spreadsheets
attention to detail
bad dance moves*
*not confirmed ;)

Mellyrain couples love my:


Mellyrain values:

country girl at heart, world-class
event manager & meticulous planner

I’m a:

I used to be a myotherapist and I learned to drive when I was 14 by racing cars at the local race club 

I bet you didn’t know:

Amy & Brandon

“I was blown away with the level of detail she goes into while working on your wedding. As a control freak myself I never in a million years dreamed I would have any type of planner or coordinator helping me - but Melanie was committed to making sure our wedding went exactly how we wanted it to go, so we could relax with our family and friends.”

Mikayla & Leigh

“Melanie and her team of amazing team are seriously second to none. Our friends and family commented on how stress free we were, not only on our wedding day, but also through the planning process as well. Would 100% recommend to newly engaged couples, especially if you’re having a property wedding!”




Access top vendors (ones even Google doesn’t know about)!

But I will unlock my magic book so you can:


I’ll never ‘should’ all over your day, dreams or daring style.

Don’t worry:


If it’s important to you, it’s important to me!

I believe:


Rule-breaking, luxe weddings in Melbourne &  Victoria, 100% personalised to you.

I am an expert in:


Your go-to for all things weddings & the best kind of
rain on your
wedding day*

*I have a plan b, c & d for the stormy stuff, too!

Why you should work with Mellyrain

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I can’t wait to hear all about you two, and help bring your rule-breaking wedding to life!

Let’s party!