Set the sun on stressful wedding planning fiascos! Whether you’re yet to begin planning, started but got overwhelmed or dream of a big day that captures your personalities like honey does bees…
Let’s bring your wedding day to life! #sweet

The wedding planner for fun-lovers like you

Melbourne Wedding Planner

How a wedding planner can help

✓ Vendor Sourcing & Securing

✓ Vendor Quote Negotiations

✓ Budget Management & Tracking

✓ Unlimited Support via Email

There’s a reason this feels tricky

Now you’re faced with one BIG question: where the heck to start?! Sure, your bestie tied the knot. And your sister made it look eeeeasy. Yet you feel like you’re stuck solo Pinteresting, Googling and getting stressed out by a seemingly endless gallery of screenshots…

  Even if you do sit down to plan, you freak out that you’ll make
 the wrong decision, blow the budget or forget important things. So (again) you slam down the laptop lid and call it a day.

You’ve tumbled from the
engagement buzz into
wedding planning mode

I see you, lovers

I’m the Melbourne Wedding Planner here to make it happen

Yes, you’ve asked friends and fam for their tips. But
(while they mean well) they’ve confused the flip
outta you! Now you’re totally lost and wish someone
would just *poof!* pull all your fun-lovin’ magic out
and turn it into your dream day.

Quite frankly,
you’ve never planned
a wedding before

It’s totally normal!

You’ve seen so many wedding. So many ways to wed. Heeeeaps of stuff you do like. And sooooo much stuff you hate. But how do two mere mortals solve the Da Vinci Code that is choosing different vendors that seamlessly go together but look bespoke? The answer: me! Victoria’s go-to wedding planner here to look after the lot. #yourewelcome

Each one excitedly locked in by you with your Melbourne Wedding Planner Bestie!

Celebrant, photographer & floral* overwhelm

Only trusted, quality & local vendors

Uncertainty about vendor credibility

Hand-plucked, dream vendors

Not knowing who to bring in

Your dream vendor team all within budget

Hours (days or even months) diy-ing 

Your dream wedding
planned to perfection

80+ hours back in your pocket

Googling for a million years

Imagine cartwheeling from… 

Lucy & Caity

“Melanie expertly sourced multiple quotes for vendors that met our specific requirements at short notice.  don't know if it would have happened without her, let alone to such a high standard”

Ally & James

“Melanie is an absolute superstar. The best unofficial bridesmaid every person needs. We seriously could not have planned our wedding without her.
Mel sourced all vendors, planned, organised everything before our big day and on our wedding day.”

Renee & Jayson

“Melanie knew everyone, was able to provide me with names and number and styling advise. She’s a pleasure to work with and made the whole experience less stressful than if I had of gone it alone!”


Don’t mean to be dramatic. But things are about to get preeetty exciting! You’re ready to get the ball rolling. To set your date and lock in some vendors to make this whole wedding thing feel real!

To find (and secure) your dream celebrant. To decide once and for all if it’s a yes to the band, and the flowers, or if a more budget-friendly caterer’s for you. To get the videographer lined up (or spend that dosh on a Champagne tower, because why the heck not!).

You dream of a wedding planning experience that just *flows*. That feels super smooth, exciting and easy like a Sunday morning. All while you’re still 100% in control.

My packages are designed to create a connected, supportive experience – so if you don’t see what you’re after, I'll personalise a package to you, once you get in touch!

Introducing your dream Melbourne Wedding Planner package

The Melbourne Wedding Planner who may have an obsession with outside-the-box vendors (in a good way)

Consider me your wedding planning wing woman. Here to create a seamless lead up to your big day, with every last detail perfected and triple-checked. 

✓ In-Person & Zoom Planning Consults

✓ Budget Management & Tracking

✓ Venue Proposal with Quotes and Booked Site Inspections* 

✓ Dream Vendors Secured* (All quotes for your celebrant, photographer, catering + anything else you’re dreaming of!

✓ Connecting You With Venue & Vendors to Finalise

✓ Site Visits to Walk Through Wedding Day Options

✓ Venue Hand Over with Wedding Brief*

✓ Unlimited Support via Email

Price Available on Request

BONUS: Custom Seating Plans & Wedding Timeline

*To your preference and budget. Includes access to my trusted community of local, quality venues/vendors. 

**All vendor management and communication will be for the duration of the wedding planning period before handover to venue representative.

Full and partial wedding planning is available. The price of your package will vary depending on your requirements. Get in touch and I will create a personalised wedding planning package.

Wedding Planner Package

Once we’ve decided we’re a match made in heaven (duh!) you’ll receive a proposal and contract, then we’ll schedule in our first call to unearth your big day’s dreams, ideas and ultimate ‘so you’ vibe.

Pop the champers


Book a call where we’ll get to know each other (we’ll be besties in no time!). It’s the first step to getting that glorious countryside wedding outta your head and onto your aisle (without endless Googling).

Let’s chat


Our Next Steps:

I source a library of dreamy vendors (and their prices!) who perfectly reflect your vision and budget. Then we meet again to lock in your choices, you receive their info and book them in. So easy, we could all cry with joy!

Plan to perfection


Want a package as unique as you two? Get in touch with Mellyrain.

Ah yeah you do. Whether you are newly engaged and have zero vendors booked, or you have started some planning and decided *too hard basket* I can either help you find your entire wedding dream team (including your venue) or finalise your final few vendors.

I've already started booking in my wedding vendors, do I need a wedding planner?


I surely do. These are the most common type of wedding I help plan in full because there is no much involved and we need to cross all the t's and dot all the i's. I also love a road trip so the more remote the property, the more I love it!

Do you help plan property weddings?

Well yeah, cause that's my job! I work with you to plan your wedding within your budget. While I'm not here to sugar-coat and mis-lead you on what things can cost in planning a wedding, I'm also here to ensure your weddings doesn't bankrupt you. I got you! Don't take my word for it, check out this little testimonial from a recent client of mind who well hell-bent on NOT having a wedding planner... until I arrived!

Will I actually save any money hiring a wedding planner?

How far in advance to I need to book you as my wedding planner?

This one varies on a few factors such as if you have started your wedding planning and how many guests you plan to invite. While I much prefer 12-18 months of planning time, I have been known to plan one heck of a wedding in 6 months. Best to get in touch with me and we can chat this one through.

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Relive, upload and share the magic of your wedding with photos, videos and reels shot by your BTS bestie - ME!

Fall head over heels for your wedding’s style with me by your side – from idea to ‘I do’.

Count me in as your dedicated wedding day bestie, so you can get hitched without a hitch! 

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