Kick confusion, concern and cousin Kevin’s questionable way of ushering guests to the curb. Instead, know your on-the-day festivities will run seamlessly with the support of your dedicated Wedding Coordinator in Victoria
(that’s me – Mel! Nice to meetcha).

Dance the night
away while I
coordinate your
wedding day

Melbourne Wedding Coordinator

That’s where I come in as your dedicated Wedding Coordinator

When you picture your dream wedding day, what flickers across your mind?

Maybe a montage of you and your besties in matching robes, giggling –Champagne in hand. Or you, stepping into your dress, psyching yourself upfor that grand entrance down the aisle. Getting lost in your lover's eyes?

I can almost *guarantee* you didn’t picture getting up at the crack of dawn to setup name tags or meticulously fold napkins. Or, transport the heavy wooden ceremony seats out of the park. And you certainly didn’t picture being the person
who lets every guest know it’s time to get a drink before the speeches commence. Or letting the band in early to set up before your entrance.

Vision, tick! How it’ll work when you’re busy on
the day (y’know… getting married)? Not so clear.

Welcome to your happily ever after



Take a breath. Pour a drink. Give yourself a cheeky wink (you clever thang). And let’s run through what’s ahead. Then? I’ll take care of all the stuff you find boring (and I secretly love). So you can switch nightmares about on-the-day stuff-ups for dreamy smiles, knowing everything’s organised in meticulous detail. In the lead-up, and on the day!

Your ceremony & reception ready to go

Frazzled early morning setups

Communications managed 8 weeks out

A million questions from vendors

An easy set up and pack down schedule

Feeling guilty for asking fam to help

Every last detail managed for you

Stressing about how the day will roll

Be present on your wedding day with every last detail perfected

Go from...

Bec & Nick

"Melanie was an incredible wedding coordinator. From the moment we saw her smiling face and experienced her calm and friendly demeanour over Zoom, we knew she was just what we were looking for. By handling the vendor communications, troubleshooting, setting up and running the day, Mel was worth every cent (and probably more). Mel is by far the best choice we made on our wedding day and I can't recommend her enough."

James & Ally

"Mel is so organized and that is exactly what we needed. She keeps onto you at all the right times to ensure everything is on schedule. She coordinates with the dozens of different vendors to ensure that on the day that everything goes smoothly. Our wedding day was so relaxing, we didn't have to worry about a thing other than just enjoy the day. Cannot recommend highly enough"

Sarah & Matt

Our dream wedding location was outdoors on the family farm in Victoria. The only barrier was having someone we could trust to coordinate the day. We’re so glad we found Mellyrain! Melanie and her team took the stress out of our wedding. Melanie was invaluable in the lead-up and we couldn’t have hoped for a better wedding!


Your day’s important. And to you, it’s important to drink in every last moment, too. You want to be present with your friends, family, or simply your forever person. Not stressed or worried that you’ve missed or forgotten important details.

Even if your venue has a manager, or your friends and family have put their hands up to help. You need to know everything’s covered for a smooth, love-filled wedding day. (And let’s be honest – on the day, friends and fam will be distracted making heart eyes at you! They’re bound to forget something, even if they don’t mean to.)

On the day, I’m the go-to for your guests, vendors and you two to make sure everything’s perfected down to the final petal.

While these Wedding Coordinator packages have been carefully created for couples like you, they can be personalised to match the exact level of support and guidance you’re after!

Introducing your boutique Wedding Coordinator

Welcome to your professionally coordinated wedding with zero stress on the day (I’m there to make sure of it!)

Wedding Coorindator

For the couple who want their friends and family to enjoy themselves as guests on the day, while all the proceedings run like clockwork. 

✓ In-Person & Zoom Planning Consults

✓ Site Visit to Walk Through Proceedings

✓ Vendor Management & Communication in Final 8 Weeks

✓ Personalised Wedding Run Sheet*

✓ Run Sheet Distribution with Vendors & Venue

✓ Wedding Day Ceremony & Reception Setup

✓ Guest Welcoming & Supervision

✓ Go-To Solver of Problems

✓ Event Management Until Formalities End

✓ Assistants for Smooth Running

✓ Unlimited Support via Email

From $3597

VIP Wedding Planner, Stylist & Coordinator

*Limited to 10 couples a year for undivided support.* Your dedicated guide from ‘they said yes!’ to ‘I do’ and right up until final drinks, make the whole process a breeze.

✓ In-Person & Zoom Planning Consults

✓ Budget Management & Tracking

✓ Venue Proposal with Quotes and Booked Site Inspections* 

✓ Dream Vendor Proposal with Dream Team Quotes* (All quotes for your celebrant, photographer, catering + anything else you’re dreaming of!

✓ Sourcing Dream Styling Team Vendors* (All quotes for decor, furniture, florals, linen + anything else you’re dreaming of!)

✓ Connecting You With Venue & Vendors to Finalise

✓ Site Visits to Walk Through Wedding Day Options, Discuss Execution of Style, and to Walk Through Proceedings

✓ Personalised Styling Concept & Mood Board

✓ Vendor Management & Communication in Final 8 Weeks

✓ Detailed Styling Plan for Your Day & Personalised Wedding Run Sheet**

✓ Run Sheet Distribution with Vendors & Venue

✓ Wedding Day Ceremony & Reception Setup

✓ Guest Welcoming & Supervision

✓ Go-To Solver of Problems

✓ Event Management Until Formalities End including Styling Set Up for a Picture Perfect Day

✓ Assistants for Smooth Running and to Make Sure Your All Your Styling is Perfect

✓ Unlimited Support via Email

Price Available on Request

BONUS: Custom Seating Plans, Wedding Timeline, Styling Checklist & Pre Wedding Day Checklist

BONUS: Custom Seating Plans & Pre Wedding Day Checklist 

*Including vendor contacts, timing and tasks to make sure everything runs smoothly, which I then manage on your day, so you can focus on getting lost in your lover's eyes and tearing up the d-floor!

The price of your package may vary depending on your requirements. Get in touch and I can create a personalised wedding coordinator package.

Wedding Coordinator Packages



*To your preference and budget. Includes access to my trusted community of local, quality and creative vendors. 

**Including vendor contacts, timing and tasks to make sure everything runs smoothly, which I then manage on your day, so you can focus on getting lost in your lover's eyes and tearing up the d-floor!

The price of your package may vary depending on your requirements. Get in touch and I can create a personalised VIP wedding package.

You guys are originals. So’s your proposal! You’ll receive a complete rundown of the inclusions suited to your day (so you can float away to loverville, population YOU!).



Can’t wait to get to know more about you two! We’ll run through what you’re dreaming up to happen on the day, and how I can lighten the load from here.

Book your call


Our Next Steps:

We’re in touch right up until your wedding day when I’m there to oversee (and correct any spanners) on the day! So you can soak up all that wedding *magic*.

Dream wedding


Want a package as unique as you two? Get in touch with Mellyrain.

This all depends on the venue. In my experience most venues who have a wedding coordinator, their role is to manage the venue side of things (such as managing your bar and wait staff, setting up venue provided furniture, etc). A wedding coordinator such as myself, is hired by you (the couple) to coordinate your entire day (such as putting your timings together, working with ALL your vendors in the lead up to and on your wedding day, setting up you decor and so much more). The best thing to do to determine if you need a wedding coordinator like me is to get in touch as we can chat this through. You'll come to learn I am super honest and will let you know if you need someone like me along with your venue wedding coordinator (if your venue has one).

My venue already has a wedding coordinator. Do I need you too?


Absolutely! I arrive as early as you need to greet you vendors and ensure they are setting and doing their tasks during the day as planned. I even go one step further and take over all your vendors communications 8 weeks prior to your wedding day so you can hand me the reins and enjoy that *sweet* lead up to your wedding day.

Will you be there to meet my vendors on the day?

Will you set up my decor, signage, and everything else I have organised for my wedding?

I sure do! If you have hired, purchased or even DIY'ed anything for your wedding, I'll be one setting it up with my team on the day so you can chillax with your besties and mimosa in hand.

How far in advance to I need to book you as my wedding coordinator?

It's best to book me at least 3-4 months before your wedding day. This allows me enough time to tick all the boxes needed to ensure I am coordinating your wedding to a tee!

What things to you coordinate on a wedding day?

Put simply. Anything and everything! I'll arrive as early as I need to set things up and ensure your vendors are doing their thing. Once everything is good to go I'll ensure your entire day runs silky smooth so you can enjoy every glorious moment. I'm the one troubleshooting issues as they arise (trust me - there is always something), ensuring you have a drink in hand before speeches (and every other moment needed), herding your guests from one area to another, and everything in between! If it's important to you on your wedding day, I've got you covered!

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