Your dream day’s seamless unfolding relies heavily on a plan perfected, then actioned by a go-to team (who’s not you, your friends, or family). 

Allow us to support you up to 3 months prior, finalise your wedding’s structure, then manage your on-the-day proceedings so guests (and you two!) can enjoy your day, the way you’d always dreamed. 



Coordinate wedding proceedings so the day remains on time

Troubleshoot any hiccups on the day (so seamlessly that no one even notices)


Set up your ceremony and reception so you can focus on morning glam


Free up your time by liaising with vendors on your behalf ahead of the wedding


How wedding coordination can elevate your dream day


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What you need to know




Full package inclusions

The coordination process


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Spoiler alert: That montage of you and your besties in matching robes the morning of the wedding is exclusively possible for people who have someone else handling on-the-day wedding coordination. 

Skip the part where you get up at the crack of dawn to set up name tags. Or spend the morning on the phone organising ceremony seating. Because if you don’t picture yourself as being the person who lets guests know it’s time to get a drink before speeches start, it’s clear. You need a wedding coordinator. 



Imagine going from… 

Feeling stressed about how the day will unfold

let's do this

Getting the guilts asking family & friends to help

Vendors calling you while you're in H&MU

Stressing about rain on the day

Calls with lost or late vendors

Every last detail and vendor managed for you

A day set up for you

Every person in position at the exact right time

A wet weather plan ready for us to action

Vendors liaised with & issues troubleshot for you

phoebe & mark

"Mel’s the reason our day came together and we cannot thank her enough for being so supportive and on-the-ball the entire time! 

The vendors Mel assembled were an actual dream team of amazing people who perfectly aligned with our vision!

We loved that Mel was there to help make our wild ideas come true. We had a lot of non-traditional elements, but every time we introduced something new, she adapted to make it happen.

Mel helped us source and coordinate with vendors, create a run sheet, organise venue logistics, decorate on the day, coordinate the style vision between vendors and soooo much more.

Do yourself a favour and not only save yourself stress, but take your wedding to the next level with her!"

Planning, styling & coordination


“Our first meeting with Melanie was like getting to know a new friend. She was so kind and giving with her expertise!”

Happy Couple 2 

Planning, styling & coordination

next happy couple


Weddings in countryside Victoria call for a special kind of team. One with specialised property wedding experience. So that your festivities run with pro-level precision. 

Even if your venue has an accompanying manager, the kind of intel and expert execution you require extends beyond the basics. Generally speaking, venue coordinators are less hands-on with couples, especially in the lead-up to the day, and most won’t liaise with vendors. 

Allow our team to be the go-to people for your guests, vendors and logistics. So you can relax, enjoy and get lost in your lover’s eyes. 

While we offer set packages, we can also create a personalised coordination proposal to suit your vision. 

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Wedding coordination packages for dreamy days in Regional Victoria’s High Country



Planning & refining the order of proceedings

Liaising with vendors ahead of & on the day

Event management until formalities end

Go-to team to solve any issues on the day

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Vendors, tick. Furniture, sourced. Ceremony, sorted. Setting everything up, cueing the music on time, orchestrating vendor bump in and out time on the day? Not so much. Sure, you could organise guests to piece together bits and pieces. But why, when they could be having as much fun as you two?

  • Unlimited email communication + support (couple’s fave!)
  • Coordination consultations 3 months and 2 weeks before wedding
  • Run sheet and setup plan for your day
  • Personalised setup plan and 6-hour wedding ceremony and reception setup
  • Event manager until formalities end (approximately 12 hours)
  • Vendor communication 8 weeks out from wedding day for a smooth process
  • Go-to team to problem-solve on the day and manage onsite vendors

Exclusively available to 10 couples per year





Have you started planning and styling but it's become a serious stress mess? Maybe you’ve locked in a few vendors (but found it hard to know if you were getting the best price!). And for that luxe feel to blanket your day, it’s become obvious that you need someone in charge (who isn’t you). This is the package for you. 

  • Remaining vendor research + best price sourcing 
  • Unlimited email communication + support (couple’s fave!)
  • Online or face-to-face planning consultations to discuss vendors + styling
  • Visioning storyboard + styling concept to co-create your aesthetic
  • Personalised venue picks + site visit to your chosen locale
  • Coordination consultations to create + finalise proceedings
  • Vendor communication 8 weeks out from wedding day for a smooth process
  • 12 hours on-the-day event management for a stress-free experience

Exclusively available to 10 couples per year


Partial Planning, Styling + Coordination


most popular package

If you’re dreaming of an end-to-end package where everything’s ticked off (including sourcing your dream venue!), this is for you. From the lead-up, to the look and your love-filled day. Every last detail’s perfected and triple checked. 

  • Budget setup, allocation, vendor research + best price sourcing 
  • Unlimited email communication + support (couple’s fave!)
  • Online or face-to-face planning consultations to discuss venues + vendors
  • Visioning storyboard + styling concept to co-create your aesthetic
  • Personalised venue picks + site visit to your chosen locale
  • Online or face-to-face coordination consultations to create + finalise proceedings
  • Vendor communication 8 weeks before wedding day for a smooth process
  • 12 hours on-the-day event management for a stress-free experience

Exclusively available to 3 couples per year

Pssst… already secured your venue? This package is also available without venue sourcing, shortlisting and liaising. Enquire to find out more.


Full Planning, Styling + Coordination



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Fill in my enquiry form to share your vision (or that you’re yet to have one!) and immediately access my price guide. Then book in a free discovery consultation. Next, I’ll create a personalised proposal just for you. 

Once we’ve decided we’re a match made in heaven (hooray!), we’ll book our first online or face-to-face coordination consultation to begin mapping out how your day will unfold and wrap up. 

We’ll curate an entire plan of the day’s proceedings ahead of time, and I’ll personally liaise with your vendors. Until on the day, you two get lost in each other’s eyes while we take care of the on-the-day logistics.

Our next steps

Pssst… wedding coordination services are perfectly paired with planning (so every last detail’s covered), styling (so the day truly visualises your personalities) or setup so the lot looks exactly how you envisage it. 

Want a package as unique as you two?

Get in touch today!

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That depends on the venue.  In my experience, most venue wedding coordinators exclusively manage proceedings related to the venue itself. This could include the bar and wait staff and potentially the venue’s furniture setup.  When you hire a wedding coordinator like us, we coordinate your entire day. This includes putting your timings together (then making sure they’re adhered to), and working with ALL your vendors in the lead-up to, and on, your day. As well as setting up your styling and so much more. To determine if you need a wedding coordinator like us, get in touch and we’ll happily talk through the lot.  We are super honest and will let you know if you definitely don’t or do need a wedding coordinator alongside your venue’s coordinator. And if yes, what that looks like. 

My venue already has a wedding coordinator. Do I need you too?


Yes. If you’ve hired, purchased or even DIYed anything for your wedding, we’ll set it all up so you can chillax with your besties and sip mimosas to your hearts’ content. 

Will you set up my decor, signage, and everything else I have organised for my wedding?

What things do you coordinate on a wedding day?

Put simply, anything and everything. We’ll arrive early to set up, and ensure vendors are setting up as planned. Once everything’s set up, we ensure the day runs seamlessly. We’re the ones troubleshooting issues as they arise (trust me – there is always something), ensuring you have a drink in hand before speeches (and every other moment needed), herding your guests from one area to another, and everything in between! If it's important to you on your wedding day, it’s important to us, and we have you covered.

How far in advance do I need to book you as my wedding coordinator?

At least 3 – 4 months in advance is ideal.  This allows us enough time to make sure your plan’s perfected, every last detail’s covered and your vendors are lined up and ready to complete their tasks to a tee.

Will you be there to meet my vendors on the day?

Absolutely!  We arrive as early as you need to greet your vendors and ensure they’re setting up and completing their tasks as planned. We even go one step further and take over all your vendors’ communications 8 weeks prior to your wedding so you can enjoy that *sweet* lead-up to your wedding day.






Perfect venues & vendors secured

Your dream day aesthetic achieved

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